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DEATH PLOTS is a new collection of shorts from Hocus Focus Productions! Debbie Rochon is back as Mistress Misty and she has more offspring to introduce as well as one that has grown up since THE LUNAR PACK Click on the picture of Misty at the bottom of the page to view the new trailer.

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Death as a Salesman was the first of the shorts to be shot and watches Billy Woeman try to make the hardest sell around.

Up next is SITTING VIGIL, marking the return of Melissa Morse, who kicked vampire butt in DARK ROSE: 700 YEAR ITCH. This time around Melissa plays a mere mortal who takes on old Grimm Himself. Wantto see her kick some boney booty? You probably won't be disappointed.

REAPS: CENTRAL FLORIDA PATROL takes a comedic look at the troubles Grim Reapers have trying to take in spirits who aren't ready to go. It's shot in a familar reality cop show style.

The final and longest Movie is MY STALKER, DEATH. Expect these last two to be much more serious. The fun and games are out of the way, now it's time for pain and punishment!

The Misty segments have also been shot and Lloyd Kaufmann's appearance has already been dropped into the mix.


Hocus Focus Productions has completed THE LUNAR PACK DVD, with hostess Mistress Misty portrayed by Debbie Rochon and now it is time to move on to the next project! The character of Mistress Misty is a humorous woman with a history of fraternizing with some familiar monsters...and she has the babies to prove it! The Mistress will be the cohesive force holding the short movies together. Her segments have a purposeful cable studio feel to them. Our hope is to bring viewers back to when they watched old horror films on late night TV. I think it will work particularly well with the Nostalgic short, MY STALKER, DEATH, which brings back the P.I. from SHEEP's CLOTHING, this time trying to track down the Grimm Reaper, himself. Of course, Grimm has a plan of his own.

"I grew up in New York City," Director Jason Liquori stated, "and never got to enjoy those late night shows with old horror films being introduced by a colorful character on local T.V., so I decided to produce my own." Liquori feels that Miss Rochon was key in breathing life into the Mistress and helping horror fans relate to the string of movies, so it was important that she return for this installment.

DEATH PLOTS is the second in a planned series of DVD's featuring Mistress Mindy and her litter of illegitimate hell-spawn. Next time around Liquori hopes to present three or four different shorts revolving around one of his favorite types of monsters, mummies. "We've already got the concepts mapped out for it," he said. Keep an eye out for Misty to possibley host another type of movie from Hocus Focus Productions as well.

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Watch the shorter, more violent, teaser here.

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4 short movies Mistress Misty segments

Movie runtime = approx 94 minutes


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