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Wondering what has her so scared? Click the pic to see THE NEW TRAILER, featuring Debbie Rochon and another werewolf!.

Will Bobby figure out who his fiancee's real killer is in time to save himself and their small town? Find out in Crying Wolf!

Rose Lenoire is a woman with a 700 Year old grudge, see her in :DARK ROSE: 700 YEAR ITCH. Find out about Rose's Feature Debut

Bobby Arrucci suspects his wife is cheating, but when a private investigator looks into her secret life can any of them be prepared? Read a review of this 1940's style short.
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Hocus Focus Productions has completed THE LUNAR PACK DVD, with hostess Mistress Misty portrayed by Debbie Rochon. The character of Mistress Misty is a humorous woman with a history of fraternizing with some familiar monsters...and she has the babies to prove it! The Mistress will be the cohesive force holding the three short werewolf films together. Her segments have a purposeful cable studio feel to them. Our hope is to bring viewers back to when they watched old horror films on late night TV. I think it works particularly well with the Black and White Short, SHEEP'S CLOTHING.

"I grew up in New York City," Director Jason Liquori stated, "and never got to enjoy those late night shows with old horror films being introduced by a colorful character on local T.V., so I decided to produce my own." Liquori feels that a horror veteran like Rochon will be able to breathe life into the Mistress and help horror fans relate to the string of monster movies.

THE LUNAR PACK is the first in a planned series of DVD's featuring Mistress Mindy and her litter of illegitimate hell-spawn. Next time around Liquori hopes to present three or four different looks at how to deal with the Grimm Reaper himself. We've already got some of the scripts for it, and have begun planning Misty's segments.

Join Mistress Misty (Debbie Rochon) and her family of unusual children for an evening of werewolf movies. She will guide you through three tales of lycanthropy and introduce you to Junior, Gilldum and Little Lupina. In DARK ROSE: 700 YEAR ITCH you will meet Rose Lenoire, (Mia Morse) who has been carrying a grudge for centuries.

SHEEP’S CLOTHING is a detective tale told in an old style with the music and visuals to match. When Bobby Arrucci hires a detective to follow his wife, can any of them be prepared for what he will find?

Finally CRYING WOLF will transport you to a small town where something has been tearing animals apart. After fighting with his fiancee’, Billy Joe storms into the woods. He returns to find her being attacked by a vicious animal, which turns on him. By the time the paramedics arrive he has no wounds. Will he and the Sheriff be able to figure out what is killing in their town before it is too late?

Light a candle and go for a moonlit walk with Misty.

With a 2 minute look behind the scenes of Crying Wolf and Bonus Music Video by THE SUPERVILLAINS (


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