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The Lives of several characters intersect as they discover mummies from different times, countries and cultures.

A Scottish Bog Mummy becomes the puppet of a fanatical environmentalist who uses him to dispatch those who would harm Mother Earth.

An Egyptian Queen enslaves an Anthropoligist and sends him on a quest for her new body.

Private Investigator P.I. Stewart is back! This time he teams up with a vampire hunter to track an Aztec god. The "god of smoke and mirrors" uses enchanted arrows to punish his victims through visions of their own sins.

Finally, 1000 years in the future, the wealthy Mr. Wayfeather awakes to find that he IS the monster!

The very talented Debbie Rochon returns as Mistress Misty...and this time her character plays WITHIN the movie.

An indie feature over 2 hours long.

Extras include outtakes and Director's Commentary on four select scenes.

Learn which scene was added and why, why stop motion was chosen for the Giant Robot sequence, how the sexy green succubus fits into the plan and which scene the director felt captured the best creepy atmosphere.



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